About Klas Oil

Klass Oil JSC is one of the leading companies in the food industry. Founded in 2001, today the company is a structure-determining factor in the oil industry, a trusted partner of the Bulgarian agriculture, and an established international supplier with impressive market geography.

The main activities of the company are: purchase and processing of oilseeds; production of crude and refined oils; production of by-products – meal, fatty acids, etc., as well as carrying out domestic and foreign trade activities with the products produced by the company.

Production capacity

At present, the company has a production capacity for processing 150 thousand tons of oilseeds – sunflower and rapeseed, per year.

Production quality

Thanks to its high-quality production, Klass Oil occupies a leading position not only in the EU. The company is well-known in the markets of China, UAE and Africa. Compliant with all world quality standards, we maintain a lasting tradition in our relations with leading world chains – leaders in the field of trade in fast-moving food products.