Klas Oil JSC was founded.

Magic Flame was founded. The company enters the global grain market.

Magic Flame changed its management address from Varna to Sofia due to transfer of its account to Large Taxpayers with the National Revenue Agency.
Klas Oil

With the installation of the fully automatic, high-tech Italian blow moulding machine “SIAPi”, combined with air transport systems for moving the bottles, Klas Oil fully automated the process of bottling the oil.

On June 3, 2013, Klas Oil Ltd signed its first contract for the export of sunflower oil to China worth 1.5 million EUR.

We put into operation our newest sunflower oil refinery. The Klas Oil refinery, built in accordance with the latest technologies, has increased its monthly capacity to five million litres.

Klas Oil – After the successful trade relations with China, Klas Oil now also distributes its products on the African market.

Klas Oil

Klas Oil expanded its presence in the Chinese market through a new contract for the supply of 850 tons of sunflower oil.

Klas Oil launched deliveries of bottled oil to Jordan, Croatia and Georgia.

Klas Oil

As part of its large-scale investment program for modernisation and increase of production capacities, Klas Oil Ltd bought a set of new presses and a baker from a leading world manufacturer with a capacity of 350 tons per day.

The next stage of the investment program of the company was successfully completed – the construction of the two tanks for crude oil with total capacity of 4000 tons.

We installed and put into operation a highly efficient, fully automatic bottling line with a daily bottling capacity of 200 thousand litres of oil.

Klas Oil JSC was recognised as the second largest oil producer in Bulgaria from the prestigious ranking of the specialised economic edition Regal.


Magic Flame

We opened our second plant with doubled processing capacity, reaching 4,000 tons of processed products per month.

Magic Flame acquired its first 26 HGV Volvo trucks and began transporting and delivering goods throughout Europe.

Magic Flame entered the agriculture industry. We plant and cultivate with care for nature 550 decares of lavender massif and 150 decares of sunflower.

Magic Flame invested in its own warehouse near Lake Varna. Stage 1 is completed – The base operates at a storage capacity of 40,000 m.t.

Klas Oil

Strengthening its leading position in the production of oil and sunflower grist with excellent quality indicators, Klas Oil signed a contract with one of the most renowned suppliers of laboratory equipment in the world – the American company BRUKER, for a complete renovation of its quality control devices.

Klas Oil confidently advanced in its investment program with the installation of a new innovative peeling system manufactured by one of the world leaders in the industry. The new capabilities increased the capacity of the factory to 450 tons of processed sunflower per day and at the same time advanced the quality of the produced sunflower grist as its protein content exceeded 37%.

The new peeling equipment has high class of energy consumption and efficiency, zero dusting and strengthened the direction of Klas Oil for investments in modern equipment of the highest class.

Magic Flame

We opened the first Bakery grade sunflower processing plant with a capacity of 2000 m.t. of processed products per month.



Magic Flame

Magic Flame was named the fastest growing Bulgarian company in Europe, according to the London Stock Exchange Index.

Klas Oil

As a next project after the successful commissioning of a new hexane extraction, Klas Oil JSC increased its capacity for degumming oils. The new facility was manufactured by one of the world leaders in the industry and provides trouble-free degumming of crude oil resulting in increased processing capacity of the plant (500 MT of sunflower seeds / day).

We opened a state-of-the-art plant for extraction of crude sunflower oil, thus increasing the efficiency, energy consumption and environmental friendliness of our production.

Magic Flame

We also put into operation our third Bakery grade peeled sunflower processing plant and increased our capacity to 6000 mt / month.

Magic Flame completed the second stage of its warehouse near the city of Varna, reaching a storage capacity of 100,000 tons.

Magic Flame

We started the construction of our next, most modern plant for processing peeled sunflower Bakery grade. Processing capacity – 3,500 m.t. / month.

Klas Oil

We built our own lavender oil distillery on the territory of Klas Oil.


Magic Flame

After the modernisation of our first processing plant, we managed to increase the capacity to 6500 m.t.

Klas Oil

Klas Oil JSC successfully put into operation a new high-tech oil extraction complex. The investment project was one of the largest in recent years in the field of oil production in Bulgaria and allowed to double the capacity of the plant and improve the quality of products, reduce harmful hexane emissions according to European standards and ensure high energy efficiency. The fully automated production line also created new jobs for highly qualified specialists.

In the same year, Klas Oil JSC successfully put into operation a new plant for degumming crude pressed and extraction oil. The new facility, which meets the highest technological standards, has a processing capacity of 250 tons of crude oil per day and was manufactured by one of the world leaders in this sector.

Magic Flame

Magic Flame acquired two adjacent plots, thus increasing the territory of the Riltsi Production and Warehouse Complex to 24 decares. The construction of a new building complex began on the new area, including the Fourth Production Line, a warehouse with a capacity of 60,000 tons, and administrative areas.

Magic Flame bought 14 Scania grain trucks on methane, and with care for the environment, our fleet grew to 40 trucks.

Magic Flame acquired Klas Oil and the related Cabacum Group – Import Export

Magic Flame

We put into operation our latest and most modern processing capacity. Thus, the company reached a processing capacity of 10,000 tons per month!

We purchased and installed in Klass Oil a new high-tech press of the latest generation. With this investment we have increased the oil production capacity to 250,000 litres per day.

On third of May 2023 Magic Flame Ltd. became a member in The Specialty Food Association,USA.

The Specialty Food Association