Our team

Eduard Bagdasaryan

Mr. Eduard Bagdasaryan is the owner and founder of Magic Flame Ltd. – the company that in 2020 was labelled by the financial media in Bulgaria as the “New Star in the Sunflower Market.”

The history of Magic Flame began in 2007, when Mr. Bagdasaryan started international grain trade, or in other words, when he began to apply what he has learnt at the University of Economics – Varna, where he graduated in Agricultural Economics. After 10 years of successful trade, Mr. Bagdasaryan saw new horizons for his business in the processing of raw materials and thus came to the establishment and commissioning of the plant for peeled sunflower in Riltsi, town of Dobrich, which in the last 5 years has established itself as one of the main exporters of bakery sunflower for major European food concerns.

Following its start in the grain trade and the subsequent development of peeled sunflower production, Magic Flame recently added another unit to the processing of agricultural products. The company acquired the oil producer Klas Oil and its foreign trade company Kabakum Group – Import Export. For outsiders, this transaction looks like a classic consolidation of similar productions and building a group with a turnover of nearly BGN 230 million for 2019. Inside, however, its owner, Eduard Bagdasaryan, sees opportunities for many synergies and market expansions. He is already planning the next investments, which will increase production capacity and expand the product list, including corn. And the focus for the future is on clean food and energy independence.

Borislav Stoyanov

Chief Executive Officer of Peeled Sunflower Plant Magic Flame Ltd. – Riltsi, Dobrich

Mr. Borislav Stoyanov is first and foremost a businessman and a natural born leader. He has been in the private business since he was 18.

Mr. Stoyanov occupies an honourable place in the company history of Magic Flame thanks to the fact that he is the main driving force behind our peeled sunflower plant in Riltsi, town of Dobrich. Leader of over 200 persons, Borislav works in the field of sunflower processing ever since turning the first sod of our company. Thanks to his dedication, business acumen and excellent communication skills, we are currently building another plant for sunflower processing to meet the international markets increased interest in our products.

Draycho Draychev

Commercial Officer

Mr. Draychev is the trader with the most experience in our team.

A graduate of the Maritime School – Varna, Draycho Draychev spent nearly 20 years in the shipping business, where he dealt with cargo logistics and international trade. He has worked for Zodiac Maritime Ltd, BMF, Zarneni Hrani Bulgaria AD, has been an exclusive agent of GLENCORE International Bulgaria, BG AGRO JSC, and many others. Since 2016, Mr. Draychev has held the position of Foreign Trade Manager at Magic Flame Ltd. Thanks to his expertise, personal charisma and business skills, our international partners are growing every day.

Erhan Fikret

Chief Executive Officer

Erhan is part of the history of Klas Oil. He was enlisted in the company in 2006 as head of the Placement Department.

Thanks to his inherent diligence and perseverance, Mr. Fikret soon took over responsibility for the Key Accounts and Raw Materials Departments, and then logically headed the Trade Department to reach the position of CEO of the largest oil producer in Bulgaria. Economist by education, graduated from an American college and several universities – Mr. Fikret has also graduated in National Security Management Systems, and has completed a Master’s degree in State and Municipal Finance. With an impeccable reputation at local and national level, a number of additional courses and specialisations, Mr. Fikret continues to invest in knowledge and innovation to strengthen the leadership position of Klas Oil in the state and abroad.

Borislav Hristov

Financial Officer

Master of Finance and Law with over 16 years of experience in finance in internationally represented banks such as KBC, OTP and Unicredit.

In July 2021, Mr. Hristov joined the team in order to contribute his experience and knowledge, as well as to improve the financial culture of the Group with his analytical and financial discipline. He went through many trainings and additional qualifications in the field of financial modelling, networking skills, presentation skills, risk management, sales skills, etc. Mr. Hristov has been engaged with the business of Magic Flame Ltd. since 2015, and in the last 6 years has consistently helped to implement the investment plans of Mr. Bagdasaryan through his dedicated work in one of the financing institutions of the Group.
Borislav is a team player ready to lead the Group to progressive development by increasing financial stability, profitability and sales.

Georgi Veselinov

Klas Oil Commercial Officer

Mr. Veselinov is the master of strategic planning.

Mathematician by nature, Georgi studied business administration at the Sofia University “St.