Peeled sunflower seeds – BAKERY GRADE

  • Bakers up to 5% chips /Purity 99.99
  • Bakers up to 8% chips / Purity 99.99
  • Bakers up to 10% chips / Purity 99.99
  • Chips / Purity 99.99

Certified by IFS Food, BRC, FDA,HACCP,FSSC 22000,ISO 9001, ISO 22000,IFS

We process sunflower seeds with tenderness and attention to detail in our brand new ultramodern factory with a monthly capacity of 7500mt bakery kernels, located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, one of the largest regions for sunflower production in the country. We process sunflower seeds completely mechanically to store all the useful ingredients, including various vitamins, fibres, protein and unsaturated fats. Thus we achieve an excellent product – peeled sunflower seeds, which have a solid structure, tempting and fresh aroma.

Peeled sunflower seeds are one of the most cost-effective food supplements, which give a unique look and taste to bakery products. Our products do not need any additional preparation, shredding (cutting) or cleaning, the final product is ready for use in the bakery industry.

We offer different packaging for our peeled sunflower seeds, as every customer is important to us – from the smallest handmade bakery to the largest industrial giant. The types of packaging are specially designed to provide a long period of storage of peeled sunflower seeds, preserving their taste and fresh aroma.

Product peeled sunflower seeds from 100% peeled sunflower
Raw material pure varieties of sunflower 
Taste typical, fresh, non-rancid
Aroma fresh, own / typical, without foreign smells, non-rancid
Infectionsno  no live and/or dead infections and parts thereof 
Colour light grey, homogeneous
Texture healthy, crunchy, uncrushed 
Humidity 8% maximum
Purity 99,9%
Broken nuts less than 1/2 of the total 10% maximum
Admixtures none
Other admixtures none; 100% absence of glass, stone, rubber, plastic, etc.
Useful ingredients vitamin B1, E, B9, B5, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, manganese, omega 9 and omega 6
Shelf life 12 months (to be stored at a temperature of 15-18 degrees)