Sunflower chips

Sunflower chips are made of the same first-class sunflower seeds as peeled nuts. Both products are of premium quality, the only difference being that the sunflower chips are crushed nuts.
They can be used as an additive and are even more suitable for bakery products, as chips are much healthier than nuts. Chips are much cheaper, but offer the same high quality, fresh aroma and unique taste. We, in our factory, additionally clean the sunflower chips to make sure that there are no admixtures and dust in the final product. As with peeled sunflower seeds, the chips are ready to use as there is no need for further processing.
Product  Sunflower chips
Colour  light grey
Humidity  maximum 8%
Purity 99%
Admixtures none
Taste typical, fresh, non-rancid
Aroma fresh, own / typical, without foreign smells, non-rancid
Texture  healthy, crunchy, uncrushed
Damaged by pests maximum 2%
Pesticides in accordance with the European and Bulgarian legislation
Microbiological indicators  in accordance with European sales standards