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Production, processing, storage and trade in cereal and oilseed crops

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Production and trade in crude and refined oils

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From the import of the raw material, through processing to bottling or packaging of the finished products – the whole process is carried out in the own base of Magic Flame in the village of Karapelit, Dobrich Region.


Only 18 km from KLAS OIL, in Riltsi Neighbourhood, town of Dobrich, we have four processing lines with total capacity of 10,000 tons of peeled nuts per month.
We process the highest quality sunflower – Bakery grade, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Our 10 flat-type warehouses are available to you only 2 km from Hemus Motorway and 3 km from the Port of TPP – Varna. The storage capacity is 140,000 m.t.


We cultivate 1500 decares of agricultural land planted with lavender. For this purpose we have a special team that takes care of the plants on a daily basis. We also produce lavender oil ourselves.


Every year we export over 500,000 tons of agricultural products worldwide. Our goods travel annually to England, America, Austria, Spain, Poland, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and others.


Currently, the company owns 50 trucks – VOLVO and SCANIA – EURO 6D standard, as 30 of them transport grain on the territory of Bulgaria, and 20 of our trucks perform deliveries throughout Europe, 365 days a year.

Magic Flame in numbers


Over 150

1 000 000 000
bottles of oil worldwide

840 000
tons of peeled sunflower Bakery grade worldwide

12 000 000
tons of agricultural production worldwide
HGV trucks in Europe every day
38 %
of the bottled oil market in Bulgaria


Bakers up to 5% chips / Purity 99.98

Bakers up to 8% chips / Purity 99.98

Bakers up to 10% chips / Purity 99.95

Chips / Purity 99.98

About Magic Flame

The company has been on the grain market for more than 14 years. It is registered with the Grain and Fodder Office with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. It has a license and submits its operational reports to the said office. It works with over 150 suppliers – grain traders, and with over 30 customers.

At the end of 2020, the company acquired one of the largest oil producers in Bulgaria – Klas Oil JSC – a company with a 20-year tradition in the oil industry, a trusted partner of the Bulgarian agriculture, and an established international supplier with impressive market geography.

Magic Flame Ltd. owns a plant for processing sunflower – “Bakery grade” in Riltsi – town of Dobrich, as well as its own grain depots in Dobrich and Varna.
The main activity of the company is oil production, sunflower processing, grain trade, trade in grain processing goods and services.

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